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The structure of your feet may work against you. Whether you’re born with structural issues or they’re the result of an injury, podiatric specialist Vittorio Caterino, DPM, at FamilyMed Centers in Cicero, Illinois, can provide the corrective foot surgery that you need to walk and function properly. If you have problems with the structure of your feet, call or schedule an appointment online at FamilyMed Centers today.

Corrective Foot Surgery Q & A

What is corrective foot surgery?

Corrective foot surgery is just what it sounds like — surgery to fix structural issues or injuries in your feet. Since you use your feet a lot, it’s essential that they function correctly and aren’t always painful or uncomfortable. Dr. Caterino can treat many foot problems without surgery, but some issues do not improve without surgery. 

You may have been born with foot problems, developed them slowly over time, or suffered a severe injury. No matter the cause of your foot problem, Dr. Caterino works hard to fix it and performs surgery if it is necessary.

What can corrective foot surgeries treat?

There is a corrective foot surgery available for nearly any condition. Dr. Caterino frequently performs surgeries to correct:


Bunions are painful or uncomfortable enlargements that can develop on the joint base of your big toe. Over time, a sac of fluid forms around the bunion that puts pressure on the bones of your feet. There are several types of corrective surgeries for bunions, called bunionectomies, and Dr. Caterino selects the best one for your condition.


Neuromas are enlarged nerves that usually appear between your third and fourth toes. They can cause extreme pain, but the surgeries for them provide a permanent solution.


Hammertoes are deformed toes caused by irregular joints or tendons. Beyond being painful, they can be unpleasant to look at. Hammertoe corrective surgeries are simple, and Dr. Caterino performs them in his office under local anesthesia.

Trauma or fracture

If your foot is injured or fractured, you may need corrective foot surgery to be able to walk properly. Foot fractures are common and often heal without surgery, but Dr. Caterino uses surgery as a last resort if your foot doesn’t fully heal by itself.

Children’s flat feet

Having flat feet means that you have a very low arch. Over time, walking on flat feet can cause plantar fasciitis or other painful conditions. Some children with flat feet experience pain and need corrective, arch-constructing surgery to prevent worsening pain and complications.

Do I need corrective foot surgery?

Corrective foot surgery is necessary if more conservative treatments have not been effective and your foot problems are painful or if you can’t walk or stand properly because of them. Dr. Caterino typically recommends surgery if all other treatment options have failed to solve the problem.

If you have uncomfortable foot issues, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Caterino at FamilyMed Center to explore your options for corrective foot surgery.